Beach Cart Explorer Assembly Instructions

The Beach Cart is very easy to assemble. Just follow the instructions below.


You will need the following tools:

~ Star screwdriver

~ Nrs 10 & 17 wrenches

~ Pliers (to help with the pins)

~ Hammer (for the red caps)

Step 1: Steering mechanism and front axle

Take one of the disks and fit it on the inside of Front Support 1 as shown below (left).

Hold it in place with the 16mm bolt.

Add the other disk on the other side. Make sure it's in the right position as shown below (right).

Disc1   Disk on other side Front Support 1

Add the steering part to the front axle and put the nut on the bolt. Before you tighten the nut, again make sure the parts are in the right position. Tighten the nut with the nr 17 wrench and then loosen it by half a turn, because you still need to be able to steer.

Front Support 1 on steering part    Front Support 1 on steering part

TIP: Make sure the hole in the screw is placed in between two ridges of the bolt when tightening as below (left) so that the pin will fit into the hole in the next step.

14269323_10202171155358400_1883135505_n    Pin through bolt

Now put a pin through the bolt and turn the long end outwards. This will hold the bolt in place (above right).


Step 2: Attach axles to the wagon bed.

Now attach the steering part to the steel tray with the 25 mm bolts (below right).

Note: Make sure the part where you attach the handle is facing towards the front of the cart.

 Attach Front Support 1 to wagon bed    Rear axle support to wagon bed

Attach the rear axle support to the wagon bed with the 25 mm bolts (above right).

Then attach the 2 support braces on either side of the rear axle and secure to the wagon bed with the 25 mm bolts (above right).


Step 3: Attach the wheels

First slide a ring onto the axle (below left) and then add the wheel. Make sure the valve of the wheel is on the outside.

Rings and tires on axlePin through axle

Red cap on axle


Slide a pin through the holes in the axle and fold the ends outward (above right)

Put a red cap on the end of the axle. Hammer it in place if necessary (above 3rd pic).


Step 4: Attach the wooden side pieces

Put the wooden sides in place with the 47 mm bolts.

Please note the  wooden fence with the indentation is the front piece to be placed above the wagon handle.

Tip : Place the bolts in facing outwards so that inside of the wagon bed is flush and the nuts are on the outside of the wagon bed.

Step 5: Attach the handle

Put the handle in place with the 74 mm bolt.

Tip: Put it in away from the side where you will be walking.