No more spilling juice with these easy-to-use juice box holders! Your child won’t notice the difference, but you will! Drinking juice just became a lot less messy and a lot less sticky. The no squeeze juicy box is perfect for any parent. Children sometimes love to just squeeze everything they can. Now with the No Squeeze Juicy Box they can squeeze their juice box without the juice making a great escape. No  more juice going all over them and the floor. Above all, no more wasting juice! You can even take it to the beach and protect your juice from sand.

This No Squeeze Juicy Box is turquoise in color and has a star on the side. It’s suitable for the small, medium and large size juice boxes. It’s easy to clean and perfect for your children. Now everyone wins, no mess, no crying over spilled juice, win win! Kids can even keep it in their silicone bag when going out.


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