About Little Beach Tribe

Welcome to the Tribe! Adventure belongs to the brave, and we are all about adventure and family here at Little Beach Tribe.

We love the outdoor lifestyle that we have in South Africa!
Who doesn’t love the abundant rays of sunshine, the wind in your hair and walking in the rain in shorts and slops?!

But it’s not always easy to take small kids wherever you want to go. How do you get all your stuff and the kids to the beach? When you’re at the beach will you all burn up, because of the hectic sun? If you take an umbrella, will it blow away with you running after it?

Adventure and family are the key words here. Go out there! Be with your kids! Be part of your kid’s adventures! They grow up so fast.

the tribe

Photography: Taryn van Rensburg

Being a mom myself I know what a mission it can be sometimes. That’s why Little Beach Tribe offers products that aim to make your outdoor life as a mom or dad a little easier. Take your kids out of the house without a hassle so that adventures can unfold and memories will be made.

I hope you will enjoy the products in the Little Beach Tribe collection. We will keep adding to the range, so keep an eye out or subscribe to the newsletter. New and exciting products are already on the way!